What is PQPM?

       The Philippine Quality and Productivity Movement (PQPM) aims to foster, encourage and promote productivity by providing an institutional and multi-sectoral framework to attain greater efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources, thereby assisting in the national economic development efforts. It is a non-stock and non-profit corporation, which strives to campaign for a converted and sustained national productivity program involving all economic sectors.

        The PQPM was organized in 1982 as the National Productivity Movement following the First National Productivity Congress. It was incorporated in May 1986 as the Philippine Productivity Movement and was renamed Philippine Quality and Productivity Movement in 1994.

       PQPM Davao Chapter was incorporated on July 15, 1996.[top]


       We, the PQPM, are committed to building a globally competitive Philippines where quality and productivity is a way of life particularly among our members and in the key sectors of Philippine society.

       Our words and action inspire others to excel, to deliver quality, expect quality and in the process to be continually productive. By our collective efforts and with a strong sense of community spirit, we improve national productivity, sustain our countryís progress and ultimately attain a better quality of life for all Filipinos.[top]


       We, the PQPM, are committed to building a globally competitive Philippines where quality and productivity is a way of life particularly among our members and associates and the Philippine Consumer, Industry, Agriculture, Services, Academe, Media and Government.

       As change agents and crusaders, we commit to our stakeholders to promote and advocate strategies, policies and programs that will improve our quality and productivity; educate, and enhance our knowledge, skills and attitude in these areas.

       We will continue to be active partners of national and international organization and build on each otherís strengths.

       With a strong of community spirit, we will move as one to contribute in sustaining our countryís progress. [top]


  1. To serve as the organizational network base for the quality and productivity movement in the Philippines;
  2. To create an environment supportive of a nationwide quality and productivity improvement campaign at all sectors of the economy;
  3. And to generate public awareness on the need to improve quality and productivity and encourage participation and cooperation in quality and productivity programs and projects.[top]


       PQPM directs its national quality and productivity campaign initiative to policy and decision makers who are producers of goods and services. It is designed to foster awareness of, and commitment to, quality improvement. It seeks to upgrade the level of consciousness of the Filipino people for quality and to provide mechanisms that would help Filipino entrepreneurs and businessmen improve the quality of their products and services.

       The movement maintains a speaker's bureau composed of quality and productivity advocates, experts and practitioners committed to promote quality and productivity.

       It holds Regional Productivity Congresses in the major regions through its regional chapters. PQPM also holds a National Quality and Productivity Congress every October during the country's productivity month. It is the culminating activity of all the productivity organizations and the representatives of the key economic sectors of the country.

       PQPM Davao Chapter holds its annual Mindanao Quality and Productivity Congress every December.

       The Congress provides a venue for quality and productivity practitioners to exchange views and share experiences on the applicability of specific technologies and how these have contributed in improving quality and productivity.[top]

Institution Building and Networking

       The movement establishes Quality and Productivity organizations in the regions and helps strengthen their capabilities. It also works closely with existing relevant associations like the Philippine Society for Quality Control Management Association of the Philippines, Maintenance Association of the Philippines, National Wages and Productivity Commission and its Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards, Productivity Development Center, the Development Academy of the Philippines, Productivity Networking Committee of the Export Development Council and the US. Asean Business Council, among others.

       PQPM Davao Chapter works closely with the Regional Tripartite Wages & Productivity Board - XI; Productivity Improvement Circles Association of Southern Mindanao; Personnel Management Association of the Philippines - Davao Chapter; Mindanao Economic Development Council; and the Academe, among others.[top]

Education and Training

       PQPM conducts orientation seminars on quality and productivity for its members and other institutions, SMEs and sectoral organizations. Concepts, tools and approaches, which could help individuals and organizations improve quality and productivity are introduced through such activities.

       Specific training courses and learning sessions on recent and emerging technologies and practices are conducted to upgrade the knowledge and skills of Q & P practitioners.

       In support of its educational campaign, Quality Forum - the official Newsletter of PQPM Davao Chapter, keeps the members abreast with its programs, activities and other recent developments on quality and productivity.[top]


       The movement encourages individuals, enterprises, associations or similar organizations who can become crusaders in their respective sectors or spheres of influence to join in its quality and productivity movement. The types of membership are individual (regular, life, sustaining, and associate) and institutional (regular and sustaining).

       PQPM Davao Chapter has only regular individual and corporate memberships.[top]